The science of sleep

I used to be a morning person. The kind whose mind would beat the alarm to wake up. ‘Ping,’ my mind would go, and then it was up, let’s get going. Now! NOW!

My sunrise vigour used to drive people crazy. That is until I moved to London. Now I know what you’re thinking. I’ve only been here for a few weeks right? Correct. And my first week was brain still ‘pinged’ at 7 even 6am. But then the coldness set it. And the mornings grew dark. And my alarm started to be the one to wake me up from a deep slumber and even then bed still seemed like such a lovely place to be.

Where once I couldn’t wait to get at the world, now I feel like it can wait. Until 9 or 10 at least. And maybe even later on the weekends. Until then you know where to find me. Huddled up in a ball amongst many layers, soundly snoozing. Winter may be days away, but my hibernation has already begun.

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