Stitch me up for winter

Don’t let anyone tell you what winter is all about. It’s not all about wearing white or all about tartan or all about pink furry coats. Winter is a season, particularly in the northern hemisphere, that you can’t afford to muck around in. You’ve got to strap yourself up in whatever feels good and brave the cold like a solider going into battle. For some this may mean wearing all white, or tartan or pink furry coats. The point is, winter is all about whatever the fuck you want. Whatever makes you feel good. Whatever helps you win the battle.


For me it’s fabrics that feel oh-so-good. Furry ones. Soft ones. And most importantly – warm ones. It’s wearing black with pops of colour and gold accessories just to lighten the mood. It’s about opulent embroidery, brocades and beading. Whatever I can get to brighten up the day. It’s channelling some Russian realness with Ulyana Sergeenko in mind. The ladies that do winter-style the best.



A new label to come to my attention that has some fantastic winter pieces is SUNO. Despite it’s nod to Russian decadence, the label is actually based in New York by way of Kenya. Using vintage Kenyan textiles, designer and Kenyan local Max Osterweis collaborated with designer Erin Beatty to create a debut collection in 2008 which was picked up by a range of notable retailers including Opening Ceremony. With the aim to support the local economy in Kenya, SUNO is now represented in over 60 stores. Who doesn’t love a fashion story of both beauty and heart – not to mention that perfect turtle neck jumper?


While SUNO and Dolce and McQueen may be a little bit out of my price range for now (although I’ll be keeping my eye on SUNO), once I have my London life sorted a Serge Lutens fragrance and those gold disco Wildfox frames will be mine. I don’t even care if the sun doesn’t shine in winter here. The world is bound to look better through gold love-heart frames right?

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