New Year’s Eve in Berlin – part I

Happy New Year! 2014 has a futuristic ring to it don’t you think? Going along with those futurism vibes I thought it was quite apt that I spend the first few days of 2014 in Berlin – a city with an incredibly promising future. Before I went I kept reading that it was the creative and counter-culture hub of the moment, like New York in the 80s or San Francisco in the 60s. Going along those lines I expected it to be a bit of a diamond in the rough type vibe – with promising artists sitting side by side with less-than-promising junkies and bright bohemian bars alongside squalor.

Instead, I think Berlin is a step above. More trendy hipster than hippie. Put it down to the German proficiency perhaps. Then again the city’s incredible history adds an authenticity and progressive perspective to all of the speakeasy bars and designer clothing stores – particularly in the east. From communism to Comme des Garcon – there’s never been a city where the old travel-writing cliche ‘a city of contrasts’  applies to more than Berlin.

 photo DSC02595_zps8465d3dd.jpg photo DSC02597_zps7fe1b235.jpg photo DSC02598_zpse9d3f2c4.jpg photo DSC02608_zps3150d225.jpg photo DSC02633_zps5e137f34.jpg photo DSC02643_zps3c772af0.jpg

 photo DSC02644_zps9542707d.jpg photo DSC02653_zps9d75ee3d.jpg photo DSC02647_zpsc1b74ccc.jpg photo DSC02612_zpsa66ad8f5.jpg photo DSC02668_zps8a5f1856.jpg photo DSC02611_zps7f9739f1.jpg photo DSC02609_zpsb4b85237.jpg

While Berlin is very much of the here and now culturally, there’s something super 80s about the city that I just adored – the red and yellow geometric lines on the U-Bahn, the shiny pastel high-rises that look oh-so-kitsch, the street art that is just about everywhere you look. Despite it’s dark past, Berlin is visually, a very colourful city. In parts it’s very much a European city, with grand boulevards and buildings like you would find Paris. But in others, particularly the east, it reminded me a lot of Japan and Shanghai (incidentally the east of Berlin is home to an incredible number of Asian restaurants as well), with a sky needle, clean lines, quirky boutiques and splashes of colour everywhere.


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