Coogie’s comeback

Maybe we can just blame the Aussie DNA, but I’ve always been a fan of the hyper so-bad-its-good Coogie sweater. Maybe it’s because Bigger loved them too. And Bill Cosby. Or maybe it’s because anything that looks like a unicorn vomited a rainbow onto a sweater seems like a pretty good way to brighten up a winter’s day. Either way, Coogie is a can-do in my books.

Biggie_Feature-640The Cosby Showdrake-coogi-sweater-e1318748421468

I’m not alone in my admiration either. Drake seems to agree with me (we’d make great friends while I’m on the subject). Plus in the spirit of the internet regurgitating and spewing up nostalgic irony into the mainstream, Coogie sweaters in all of their hyper glory have made a return to some trend retailers too. Apart from the iconic stores at pretty much every Australian airport, you can now buy the Cosby-show starring sweaters from sites like Nasty Gal – to team with a pair of leather hot-pants duh.

But to add an even more luxurious argument to Coogie’s relevant cause, Rag & Bone’s latest show at New York Fashion Week saw them strip the wool back to put dark and moody spin on the style. And you know what they say, three time’s a charm trend. As an official collaboration with Australian label, the signature knits added another textural element to their brood of baggy, pinstripe wearing tough girls. So if a plain knit just ain’t cutting your winter mustard anymore, but the irony of a hyper coloured style is completely lost on you, then the Rag & Bone grey squiggles is a good middle point. And a good way to start a conversation with Drake.

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