How to not be a basic bitch

If you’re going to be a bitch in this world, don’t be a basic one. A girl who thinks she’s all that and a bag of potato chips. If you gonna act like all that, you better be aaaalllll that. A fierce and fearless woman who knows how to hold her own, be on point all day everyday, and not take no shit from nobody – especially basic bitches. So, in case you’re worried about falling into the basic category, firstly you’re not off to a good start, but secondly, the following tips may be of help. You better werk!

Dress like everyday is a series finale

Be the lead singer of your life

Master the art of the comeback

Know when someone’s throwing you shade

Serve real like it’s fake and fake like it’s real (realness) 

Conceal your flaws with glitter and your insecurities with dancing

Learn how to make a fierce entrance

And an exit 

Be so good they can’t ignore you

Don’t be afraid to hu$tle

Wear whatever you want, whenever you want

Have a good time, all the time

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