My day in Stockholm

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Another day in Scandinavia, another fun filled adventure. This time we cruised into sunny Stockholm, literally, to be greeted by a local guide and two incredible rib boats driven by an incredibly good looking crew. Just from those impressions alone I was already digging the Swedish city – and then the rib boats took off.

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As we took out seats on the boat the drivers offered us beanies and goggles. “No thanks,” I said smugly. I didn’t wash my hair last night to wreck it with some serious hat hair, not the mention the parachute style suit we had to wear was punishment enough. The drivers kindly didn’t take no for an answer though – and they were right.

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Reaching up to super speeds so fast I could feel my face flapping in the breeze (not to mention at one point we hit a small wave that sent our entire boat air borne), a beanie and goggles were a godsend. A second pair of underpants wouldn’t have gone astray either. That and the ability to take perfectly still photos while bumping around.

After an hour or so of squeals (me) and woohoos! (everyone else), we arrived at one of the city’s islands Grinda, home to a sauna boat (SAUNA BOAT!), restaurant, hotel and some of the most lust-worthy summer homes mansions that you’ll ever see. Before that day I knew very little about Copenhagen other than models and street style, a day later though and I now want a summer home there so bad. The purpose for our visit to Grinda was so we could document Ben Fogle experiencing the Great Adventure he created for Celebrity Cruises, which included kayaking along the island, a fantastic way to experience a different side of Stockholm.

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While he went off with the film crew I took in the sights with a packed lunch and vowed to never leave and build a new life for myself on the island. But before I could think of a plausible excuse to stay other than I could have an epic tan, we were back on the RIB boats (oh if we have too, weeee!) and back to the mainland for a drive to the hotspots in yet another rock-star-style tour bus.

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Stockholm felt very different to Copenhagen in that it’s very spread out and as a result had few bikes. The harbour and it’s surrounding buildings are really what I remember most about the city, particular the colourful gingerbread-style ones in the Old Town Square. That and the babe boat drivers we had.

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Like Copenhagen though, Stockholm also has it’s own cute and quirky theme park, where the screams could be heard from across the water. After a day of thrills and spills on the RIB boat though, we admired this one from afar, filming at some of the city’s most scenic vantage points before venturing back to the ship, Celebrity Infinity, ready for the next city and adventure. Stockholm it was a pleasure.

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