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I still don’t know what I was waiting for
And my time was running wild

Change has really been the theme for me this year. Newness everywhere I look. And I love it. After launching my online space four years ago now, a change was needed. Originally the purpose was for my site to simply be an online portfolio, a space where I could store all of my articles for other publications, and write a few of my own every now and then.

Four years on though, and, like much of my life, my career and interests have changed, evolving organically into fashion and travel writing. And so, it made sense to combine the two into one fluid stream of thought. Not just what to wear when travelling but delving further and really taking style inspiration from new surrounds. Collections that epitomise a certain city and a certain time. Destinations that make you want to dress like you’re there, even if you’re not.

With this angle in mind, I’ve relaunched my space as Style X Travel & Obsessions, where I plan to explore the intersection between style and travel, adding in my other obsessions when necessary, just to get them off my mind.

Before we dive head first into newness though, here’s a look back at some of my past style meet travel posts, just to give you an idea of the road map I’m planning on hitch-hiking.


Style X Travel: USA

SONY DSCStyle X Travel: Vanuatu

mexicoStyle X Travel: Mexico


Style X Travel: Moving to a new city

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