London and its left of field style

milly-simmonds-model6milly-simmonds-model2milly-simmonds-model4Shoot by Olgaç Bozalp for Vogue Turkey

Yesterday I found myself basking in the rare London sun with my friend in Hampstead Heath – a quintessential London activity. In the spirit of things we discussed all aspects of life in London; comparing the English capital to the others we’ve experienced. “The thing I love about London is, there’s no pressure. In life and in clothing,” my friend exclaimed joyfully. For her, London offers the freedom to wear whatever she wants, whenever she wants. “I could easily go out tonight wearing what I have on now and it would be totally acceptable, where as in Australia, I’d feel like I’d have to go home and get changed and straighten my hair and put makeup on.”

London is a certainly a free spirit in that way. Completely makeup free (and gorgeous) faces are a common occurrence on the tube, while style spans the entire spectrum. You could put it down to the large population, but then again it walks to a different, much more irregular beat to what you see in New York. Much like the fun of London Fashion Week compared to the luxe of New York Fashion Week.  Vivienne Westwood verse Diane Von Furstenberg.

With its age, London is confidently eccentric. Girls will wear no makeup one day and pink eye shadow the next. Clashing prints today, prim pastels tomorrow and Rhianna realness the next. It really is an mixed bag of ‘sweets.’ And I’m enjoying tasting all of the flavours.

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