Park Guell in Blue


Asos dress, Jacki Anderson bag

Barcelona is blue. Blue ocean, blue skies, blue tiles. Everyone tells you that Barcelona is all about the spirals of the Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, but for me it was more about his Park Güel. We saw the Sagrada Familia just as it began to storm. Tourists in plastic ponchos lined up for hours trying to get in. Maybe it wasn’t really the right time for the right place. And so we made our way to Park Güel. The rain stopped, the clouds lifted and it was blue everywhere. The Casa Batlló was the same, blue scale-like tiles. And then on the roof of the Casa Mila, the sun came out. Seeing the city from above was one of my favourite moments in Barcelona. And from whatever view we saw, in all it’s varying shades, Barcelona was a kaleidoscope of blue. 

Eat: everything at El Salon.

See: Gaudi in all his glory.

Wish: That you could live in a Gaudi shell and be a mermaid.

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