Stone Cold Fox & California Love

ladiesGentlemen-10ladiesGentlemen-4ladiesGentlemen-7ladiesGentlemen-13ladiesGentlemen-12ladiesGentlemen-1You’re a Stone Cold Fox”

I’ve been bitten by a serious case of California love. A love of white dresses and fresh faces and hair swept by the wind. Visions induced by ‘Ladies and Gentleman,’ the latest in perfection from Stone Cold Fox. The fall collection is a marriage in heaven of white virginal lace and black rock & roll silk, worn with sleek swept hair, bushy brows and the most angelic blush pink lips. Deep Vs are found in the front and the back, and lace in all the right places. In true California style, I could wear it all with ease. A pair of black boots and snakeskin bag all I need. The perfect uniform for life on the West Coast. Oh baby, Oh baby, I’m in love.

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