The Reformation & NYC


I’ve been to New York two times and thus have visited the Reformation in it’s bricks and mortar glory, two times. The first time the store near Canal Street when it was all about oversized hip-hop hoodies, and the second time I spent a good hour or so at the Ludlow Store, mulling over the backless summer dresses. In the end, it was hard to say no to everything, but even harder to say no to the Dove Dress in red.


And now the cruel wait until my next visit to NYC. Not only are the styles on the money when it comes to modern cool with a vintage twist, but the fabrics are all recycled, the styles are all made in the USA, and the team recently posted the epic solar panel on the roof of their studio in LA on instagram (follow them, they’re one of my favourite accounts).

camille-rowe-reformation-collection3Reformation New York

More than just feel good for not-fucking-up-the-environment good, the Reformation is the kinda label that epitomises New York. It’s floral dresses below 14th Street, lady like two pieces for Central Park picnics, long and lean jumpsuits for meetings up town and backless dresses for those hot, hot days when all you can do is sit outside on your stoop, eat a popsicle and watch the world go buy. It’s laid back effortless, just-threw-it-on to go across the street for a bagel with cream-cheese. It seems to simple and even predictable but at the same time is the coolest fucking thing around. It’s everything I love about New York. And now I just have to wait until I can go back.

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