AfroPunk in New York

DrielyS-1166DrielyS-0936DrielyS-0768DrielyS-0738DrielyS-0847DrielyS-0657DrielyS-0472Images by Driely S via C HEADS

New York Fashion Week is buzzing right now with activity which means the street style hordes are out in force. If you haven’t seen the absolute circus it has become, with photographers sprinting down streets and almost getting hit by cars just to photograph show attendees, you should take a look at’s instagram. It truly is Britney-Spears-style manic. It’s become a monster in itself and so far removed from what it originally was. But that’s neither here nor there. You don’t need me to rant and preach about the street style beast. You can read about such topics here.

What I do want to say though, or bring your attention to, are the above street style images shot at AfroPunk in Brooklyn recently. No blog bylines, no head to toe labels, no borrowed bags or sponsored shoes. No rushing paparazzi. It feels authentic doesn’t it? Special even. Suddenly fake street style is the norm and real street style seems like a fantasy. Funny how the tables can turn like that.



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