Alta Moda in Vogue Nippon

dolceandgabbanaaltamodavoguejapan001dolceandgabbanaaltamodavoguejapan002dolceandgabbanaaltamodavoguejapan004Talk about an intersection of fashion cultures. La Dolca Vita realised via Dolce & Gabbanna, brought to life by the glossy pages of Japan’s Vogue. The shoot was of course styled by the walking billboards for vivacious Italian style, the imitable Anna Dello Russo and Giovanna Battaglia. You can see both of the hallmarks -Anna of the more is more accessories and Giovanna’s eye for prints – perfectly mixed and melded together to form the ultimate Italian fashion vision.

A fantasy of holidays in Capri with a vibrant Dolce & Gabbanna wardrobe. Watching the sunset from the rocks in a ballgown and crown. Bathing in a high waisted and embroidered bikini and oversized earrings. Enjoying a boat ride with your fashion twin in matching stripped gowns and all the jewellery possible. If this experience is available in a packaged deal, sign me up. I’ll take the continental breakfast in one of the ceramic printed strapless gowns thanks.



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