StyleXTravel find: Mandy Bell



Do you have a Style x Travel find? An item you bought while travelling that truly encompasses the destination, the moment, you were in? In this new series I’m asking people I admire to share their Style x Travel find with me, starting with Mandy Bell, owner of the bohemian inspired Australian store The Freedom State.

“This is going to seem extremely random considering I am the owner of a bohemian inspired clothing store, but when travelling overseas a few years ago we stayed in Tokyo for a few days. I always find Japanese people have the best taste in sneakers, so my goal was to find the coolest pair of sneakers possible.

After days of scouring sneaker stores in Tokyo (my husband is a bit of a sneaker freak) I finally came across the last pair of ladies Nike Air Jordans in white with gold and bronze detailing in Harajuku- and they were in my size!

I have to admit Tokyo was not on my bucket list, it was more a destination on my husband’s, but once I was there I was sold on it, and I cannot wait to go back! The people are amazing, it’s so crowded in places, yet it seems to be an organised chaos. I love how quirky it is when you stroll around Harajuku; the people, the shopping, and the sales assistance constantly yelling out. We visited a different district each day, and each district was so different to the next, and getting there was a dream on the trains. Definitely an experience for a quick five day trip.”

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