An Australian summer


When I think of home I can’t help but think of summer. My childhood was drenched in beach-side sunshine complete with freckles and blonde streaks. Kids catching crabs at night and popping blue bottles with our heels during the day. Summer in Australia isn’t like it is in Europe. There’s no glamorous way to do it. It’s sweaty and unforgiving. Some people try to do it in style, but to me, the best way to do summer in Australia is in a modest shack by the beach.

Because summer in Australia is all about the simple things. It’s flip flops and board shorts. Throw a towel in the car and turn the windows down. It’s sand everywhere, all the time – so why bother with a 5 star resort? It’s cricket on the beach with your dad and burying your brother in sand no matter how old you are. It’s a rainbow slurpey after a swim and drying your hair out the car window. Those moments are the closest to my heart. They make me feel like a kid again. That’s why summers in Australia are best done in the simplest ways. In the simplest of clothes. And in one week I’ll be living it.

Images by Nick Scott for Elle Australia


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