StyleXTravel Find: Kate Stein

When I first thought of the idea to profile worldly women and their Style X Travel finds, she instantly came to mind. I first met Kate Stein in Brisbane when writing a story about a collection she hand-made while travelling through Asia. When she did it again while travelling through India, I bought a piece. Since then Kate’s travelled all over, from Burning Man to Morocco, to her base in New York. With so many wanderings, I was intrigued to see which piece, which place, she’d pick as her favourite.
My favourite item purchased whilst travelling is an Indian Om Sanskrit Mantra block-print scarf.  I purchased it in my favorite city in the whole world; Varanasi.  I love India and especially Varanasi, as each time I return to the city I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders; I guess it is my sacred place.I have so many vivid memories of Varanasi – the scarf holds a lot of spiritual value for me; although I think I only paid USA$2 for it. The scarf really can be used for anything!  I wear it as a top, skirt, scarf, towel, tie it as a bag – or use it as a yoga matt.  It is made from cotton and is fast drying, durable and soft.
I bought the scarf while roaming the narrow streets between buildings on the way to the Ganga – it is one of those items that you see at almost every market while travelling.  I actually bought it to use as a sack bag when I sent my backpacking back home because it was full of un-necessary stuff.  I like to travel really light and without technology, so the scarf was great to double as so many items.”

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