A case for winter pinks


Winter whites may be the shade of the season for most, but for me, I’ve been finding myself drawn to it’s more flirty sister, winter pink, and have experienced promising results. For one, it’s much easier for people to find you in a crowd of black, grey and white. And two, when layered up in pink, it makes you feel like a big plump marshmallow, THE favoured lollies/sweeties/candy of the season. Pink in winter is cool without being cold. It’s crisp and feminine, and matches the pinkish hues on your cheeks. It makes you look alive and not in a constant state of frozen pale panic.Winter pinks are great friends with winter greys and winter camels, leaving you to look oh so clever by rocking colour in zero degrees. To put it in very 2015 (holla) terms, winter pinks are on fleek.

Have you tried winter pinks?

Images by Nagi Sakai for Vogue Mexico


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