An endless summer

pink-gingham-swimsuitSONY DSCIt’s been a month since I was in Australia now. A month since I lay in sand and stood on a surf board and laughed at my mum’s every word. While I was there I did exactly what I wanted. When I felt like it. I ate mango every chance I could and a Bubble O’Bill just before I left. I caught fish with my dad and watched him pour beer over the barbecue. I lay on his boat hipnotised by the waves we caused. I ate ice cream with my friend and caught up on a years worth of everything and it hit me just how much I miss her. I read Russh Magazine on the beach and remembered what my life in Australia used to be like. I felt a tonne of emotions but at the same time, took it all in for what it was worth. Day by day. Hour by hour. I wore thongs and a big floppy hat and as much sunscreen as possible but still got burnt. I looked at all the tired seventies houses near Rainbow Bay and hoped and wished that they never changed.

But of course I did more….. You can read about it all on Flight Centre.


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