Lip savours


As much as I love a good fur coat and an excuse to stay in bed all day, I’m not physically built for winter. My body had never even really experienced winter until last year, in which I felt the full force of mother nature’s cold-ass bitch phase. And even though I managed to survive one winter already with hair and toes and lips in tact, I still have little faith that I’m going to come out of this one alive.

It’s not even that cold, but my hair would have you thinking otherwise. Within the 10 minutes it takes me to walk from home to the train station, my hair goes from the smooth and straight mane of a normal person to a matted mess of a crazy bag lady. I’ve never used so much conditioner in my life, even then, I’m very much on the edge of pulling a Natalie Portman and just being all about earrings.

My lips were another feature  that had moved to a prime position on Struggle Street. But after much experimenting and pretty much eating tube after tube of lip grease, I’ve cottoned onto a winning threesome which I’m keen to share.

I start my lips’ day with a smear of the Rodial Stemcell super-food glam balm #futurelips. The con of this this balm is it’s a little sticky so you’re hair can often stick (another winter woe), but on the bright side it feels like it plumps my lips up and gives them intense moisture.

During the day I snack on classic Vaseline, which helps protects my pout  and is nice and cheap because I’m constantly lip losing balms. In the evening, I kiss my lips goodnight with Ren. This formula is quite thick and intense, so I kind of use it like a sleep mask for my lips. It’s also great to use when flying.

And thus concluding my winter lip savours. ,Next week on Lauren Burvill tries to survive winter…. how to deal with a knotted weave. Stay tuned.



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