Singapore Fling

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I’d never done the official stopover stay until a few weeks ago. Now that I’ve experienced it, in all it’s terry towel robe and ocean view glory, it’s going to be hard to travel without enjoying a luxury siesta along the way. It was a quick Singapore fling in the hotel I’ve always wanted to stay in – Marina Bay Sands. Or more specifically, the pool I’ve always wanted to swim in. You can read all about it on Round the World Experts.

On a more personal note, I really loved Singapore. It was lush and warm and shiny. A rainforest next to a super luxury shopping centre, next to a rainforest and so on. Without the grittiness you’d typically find in Asia, Singapore is quite surreal. Luxury cars zoom like crazy and shopping and gambling are seen as typical ways to spend a day. In some ways it reminded me  a lot of Vegas, only with more trees and less crime.

Eat: The buffet breakfast at the Skypark of Marina Bay sands, Dim Sum for lunch at Raffles, and an endless amount of Satay sticks in Lau Pa Sat in down town.

See: If you’re there just for one night, don’t miss the night safari. Watching otters show humans how to recycle and seeing elephants just metres away will do wonders for your jet lag. If you’re caught out in the rain at any point (and you’re bound to), head over to the SEA Aquarium on Sentosa Island. And don’t leave town without seeing the view from Marina Bay Sands Skypark.

Travel: Like Las Vegas, public transport it more trouble than it’s worth in Singapore and taxis are incredibly cheap. Unless you have the time to spare on the metro (it’s fast and of course, very clean), it’s worth your while to take a speedy taxi to see the sights.


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