Style X Travel Find: Alice Shirley

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s a certain left of field, wonderfully expressive, style to London. And my lovely friend Alice Shirley is the perfect example. An incredibly talented artist, Alice’s style, like her paintings, is wonderfully expressive and unexpected. I adore her optimism and enthusiasm for colour and often find myself quite perplexed by her ability to team triple printswith Adidas sneakers and still look both whimsical and relaxed (how does she DO it!). I’m not alone in my admiration and fascination either. Hermes is also in the fan club, having recently commissioned Alice to produce a series of prints for their iconic silk scarves (pictured above).

So, with a hyper coloured wardrobe and an enviable amount of passport stamps, I of course had to ask Alice about her favourite Style X Travel find.

photo 2
I have travelled quite a lot and bought many trinkets and pieces home with me,. If I had to pick one, my favourite item bought while travelling would be my Mochila bag from Colombia, which I bought when I went there in January 2013. It is so radiantly colourful, that even the greyest, wettest, darkest winter days feel cheerful when I wear it.
photo 44Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 12.54.45
I bought it from a small family run shop in Cartagena – actually I bought two, and use the other one when hiking or going to the beach/park. I visited Colombia to go see my friend Lucia, who was out there studying Spanish – we travelled along the Caribbean coast together, and trekked through the jungle to the Lost City, which was absolutely magical.
Cartagena’s Old Town is a World Heritage site, and colourful and vibrant, but it was wonderful to escape to white sandy beaches, go snorkelling and go walking through the pristine national parks. The landscape and wildlife is spectacular, and I found the whole trip hugely inspiring. My work embraced colour again after my trip to Colombia.”

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