Style X Travel Find: Aubrey Daquinag

What is it about India? The whirlwind of a country overflowing with colour, spirit and life. It’s a special place in the heart of Kate Stein. And it’s also a favourite of Aubrey Daquinag, the incredibly talented author of one of my favourite travel blogs, The Love Assembly. If you haven’t followed the travels of Aubrey, I highly recommend it. Based in Melbourne, Aubrey documents her stylish journeys in a fresh and real way, offering up valuable information and a unique perspectives. She also looks incredible why doing so, so of course I had to ask about her favourite Style X Travel find.

Aubrey Daquinag in India

I bought a white hand embroidered kurta from the markets in Jaipur, India that I absolutely love! A kurta is an upper garment in India that’s a little longer than a normal top, and best worn over leggings to cover your butt. It was my first trip to India and one of the travel finds I bought that I wear most often. Anything white embroidered or eyelet is my favourite and my wardrobe is filled with these pieces because they’re just so effortless, romantic (in a way), and they give me a sense of freedom.


I love India for its rich culture. Its a country that takes you out of your comfort zone and is nothing like living at home, which is the best kind of travel I think. Here’s 5 reasons why I think you should travel to India.”

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