If Jessica Lange was a fashion blogger

You can’t hurl a Mansur Gavriel bag these days without hitting a fashion blogger. And yet, some people who I really, really wish would be fashion bloggers, still aren’t. Like Iris Apfel, Jemima Kirke, Ilana Glazer from Broad City, and the entire cast of Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Another person, character who would also have a loyal stalker follower in me is EVERY SINGLE ONE of Jessica Lange’s characters in American Horror Story. From nun to witch to freak show owner, the traits are vast but the outfits are consistently on point. Like Grace Coddington (who incidentally is channeled by another character in season 3), and Tim Walker are on the TV show’s payroll, pulling looks from vintage Dior to this season’s Alexander Wang.

Allow me to demonstrate just how fleek and fabulous this fabulous woman is;

Got papped on the street today in New Orlean working head to toe black. I missed his recent show at fashion week so I decided to dress in mourning, which incidentally channeled the all-black collection as well. Bonus! He’s such a genius. To put my own signature spin on it (and because i hadn’t had a mani) I decided to add these sweet wrist gloves I found at a vintage store in London. Everyone on the street though I was mad because it was. quite hot. None of them had had manicures though. LOL, peasants.
Guys, the street style paps are getting so ridiculous that they now wait outside of my tent to shoot me. Here they snapped me in my boudoir outfit, which I actually leave the house in every now and then when I’m in a John Galliano Dior haute couture spring 2007 geisha mood. It’s also a little Vuitton too, back in the Marc days. Speaking of Marc, last time I wore this out of the house i ended up at Marc’s house dancing to Diana Ross with Solange. It still smells of pot from the night, but I like it.
Here I am working David Bowie meets Your Makeup Is Terrible realness. The duck egg blue suit is by Preen.
Here I am working David Bowie meets Your Makeup Is Terrible realness. The duck egg blue suit is by Preen. Pout is courtesy of thinking about having to give my seat up at NYFW for Ke$ha.
At a dinner for Raf Simons. I wore a raw seamed blouset made from hemp. We dined on penguin foie gras and activated pistachios. I spent the night next to Dominick Dunne – he’s such a flirt.
Today I did a ‘collaboration’ with Linda Farrow. I wore glasses and cursed at them, they took photographs and paid me. Ha, losers.
American Horror Story Freak Show - Jessica Lange (Elsa Mars), maleta, bag
Charlotte Olympia made this bag for me for my birthday. She caught me making jokes about her sister being a tranny and we hit it off instantly. I love this bag because you don’t have it, which is awesome.
Me after I had to walk up six stairs and winded myself. Being a blogger I get Uber for free now, so having to actually walk anyway, let alone stairs, is becoming a serious effort. Luckily my pose for getting my breath back was a great way of showing off the bell sleeves on this Mary Katrantzou kimono. Being a blogger is a 24/7 job.


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