Next level winter dressing in Iceland

I think if I ever had to move to Russia, I might die…

In parts of Siberia, where magical and foetal looking runway models are imported from, temperatures can reach a ‘how do people even live’ level of -52 degrees Celsius. So when it comes to winter dressing, Russia is next, next, next ‘skin every animal in sight’ level. A type of winter dressing I can’t speak to, nor even probably survive.

For just next level winter dressing though, the elf-loving country of Iceland was the perfect candidate for me to experience life in manageable snow and navigate the fine art of layering for function over fashion.

I’ve never been good at functional fashion. When I lived in Brisbane, Australia I owned and wore a vintage rabbit fur coast in 15 degree weather. I’ve walked on the beach in peep toe ankle boots. I once stole and slept in a boy’s leather jacket so he’d like me – an insight into my style and questionable seduction tactics.

Such unpractical style choices don’t fly in Iceland though. Especially in February, the coldest time of the year to visit but also the best time to see the Northern Lights (yeah we did!).Reykjavik Harbour
Fur pom pom beanie and wool scarf

I’ve never been good at functional fashion… I’ve walked on the beach in peep toe ankle boots.

What you’ll need in your sartorial survival kit:

  • Thermals, quite obviously. But really good ones (I swear by Uniqlo) and both the top and leggings. If you’re like me and your nipples get hard at just a cool summer’s breeze, then you might want to wear two thermals at the same time. And also email me so I know me and my nipples aren’t completely alone in this world.
  • A serious jacket that’s fur or fleece lined on the inside and waterproof on the outside. You’ll need a hood and make sure that hood is lined with fur so you can pretend you know what the world looks like from an Eskimo’s point of view.
  • Wool everything; scarf, jumper, gloves, socks, underwear, wallet, nipple tassels…
  • Serious, heavy duty, Jane from Daria goth-style boots that lift your feet inches above the frozen lake you’re apprehensively walking on because you just watched season two of Fargo and it’s where murders often happen.
  • An irreverent, trendy beanie that someone like Cara Delevingne would wear so people know you’re a human girl and not a yeti. Or at least mistake you for a stylish Yeti (small wins).
  • Jeans so tight that not even the icy-cold breath of Bjork can penetrate them.

Thermal pools in icelandSun shining on the blue lagoon, iceland

Now with all those functional, Bjork impenetrable layers packed, here’s a plot twist: don’t forget your bathing suit!

Swimming in the warm-like-a-womb Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik is one of the best things to in Iceland. Not only do you get to swim in warm water while surrounded by a spectacular snow-covered landscape, but the lagoon even has a swim-up bar and a face mask station! And to ensure your nipples stay toasty, it’s possible to ease in and out of the lagoon via a connected indoor pool, so you don’t have to face the freezing cold in nothing but a bikini.

What to push the limits on how many layers a human can wear? Then you should go to Iceland! I flew with British Airways and stayed at the Reykjavik Residence Hotel.


  1. Hannah Butcher

    Ha! I’m going to Iceland for new year so this post is well timed. Also, cracking writing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the word “nipples” so much in a blog post about Iceland…


    1. Lauren

      Hahaha I’m so glad. Thanks so much for commenting. I can imagine New Year in Iceland will be amazing! Not only because you’ll have a great chance to see the Northern Lights, but they can really party hard there too x


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