What happens when ‘your jam’ becomes ‘THE jam’

And by your jam I don’t actually mean the stuff you spread on your toast. I mean style. But then again, jam does sure make for a delightfully delicious analogy? So let’s not stop here, shall we?

Imagine you, like me, don’t actually like jam that much, but instead love apricot marmalade. It’s a bit different to your usual strawberry jam, not as common, which you quite like, plus your taste buds are just naturally drawn to it. It’s a bit of a thrill when it finds it’s way onto your hotel breakfast table. It’s, your jam!

But then what happens if one day, all of a sudden, apricot marmalade is everywhere. On every hotel breakfast table or brunch-loving cafe. Everyone is apricot marmalade obsessed. So obsessed their talking about it, tweeting about it and loving it so hard they’re guzzling it by the jar full. Suddenly strawberry jam has been put on the bench as reserve for everyone’s favourite preserve of the moment; apricot marmalade!

On one hand it’s great because apricot marmalade is everywhere! The thrill is everywhere now, and not just on the occasional breakfast table. Bur then suddenly, that tart but sweet spread doesn’t seem so desirable. It’s lost it’s allure. It’s no longer your jam; it’s now everyone’s jam.

SONY DSCThis jam analogy is currently the conundrum facing my wardrobe in these Alessandro Michelle for Gucci times. In this current climate of girls walking around in pink foil heels, gold lamé skirts and cherry blossom prints. Times where people are talking about velvet and lusting after pink fur. What a time to be alive!

In fact, it’s a time I’ve always dreamed of. It’s a sad but true fact to admit, but deep within the drafts folder of my inbox is an email called ‘Style Guide.’ And it is indeed, true to my writer-self, a little style guide I have written for myself. In it, a list of things that truly speak to my sartorial soul. A list to keep me grounded to my personal style and navigate me through tough trend-driven times to avoid regrettable purchases like wedge sneakers and anything deemed ‘minimalism.’

polina-oganicheva-x-gucci-beauty-fw-2016-color-collection-1img_4269It reads as follows:

Icons: Carrie Bradshaw, Annie Hall, Penny Lane

Colours: red, gold, chartreuse, tan, mustard, pink, turquoise

Styles: shawls/kimonos, suits, hight waist pants, flares, button up shirts, blazers, strapless dresses, big sunglasses, full skirts

Texture: velvet, brocade, fur, sequins, paisley, fringing, lace, tulle, suede, tweedgucci_024_jpg_5949_north_1160x_white

img_4062So of course, as we live and breath in these velvet suit times, naturally I should be happy. In fact, it’s what I’ve always dreamed of! Finally, the trickle down effect of Gucci means it’s easier than ever to buy a high waist flare trouser or a strapless yellow lace dress.

And yet, suddenly my signature apricot marmalade has begun to loose it’s flavour. It’s now all too much and all too easy. So easy in fact, that it doesn’t feel special anymore. It doesn’t feel like me.

Lauren Burvill
So do I buy up now, while I can, while it’s all here for the taking? Or do I just take solace in the pieces I have, and bide my time hoping for a day when my jam is no longer everybody’s jam?

What’s a girl to do? It’s what I’m pondering right now while wearing THAT perfect coat because at least Alessandro Michele hasn’t referenced that… yet.

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